About DARA

The future belongs to AI enabled organisations. But AI needs high-quality ML to work and that's impossible without high-quality data.

So how can your organisation accurately assess its AI readiness and the strength of foundational data? To help you answer this question, Mesh-AI have launched DARA - the Data & AI Readiness Application.

DARA is a unique, free-to-consume consulting solution designed to help enterprises accurately baseline their data and AI readiness, visually compare their position against an industry index, and lay the path to further nurture their digital transformation journey. In doing so, we can better empower you to capture the myriad of opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

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About Mesh-AI

Mesh-AI is a transformation consultancy that exists to reimagine how enterprises operate, making data and AI their competitive advantage.

We turn enterprises into data-driven and AI enabled organisations, unleashing business growth and accelerating outcomes.

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